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Last updated: May 26, 2022

Rocket R58 Review: Your Own Energy Booster (Summer 2022)

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Last updated: May 26, 2022
Stay Roasted is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
  • User-friendly Touchscreen Controller
  • The enhanced PID controller is detachable
  • Calculates the amount of power needed to maintain optimal pressure
  • Includes shot timer and programmable auto-on timer
Main features:
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Shower screen is easy to remove
  • Steam wand remains cool, making it easy to clean
  • Stainless steel material is easy to wipe down after use
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Stay Roasted is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

With the Rocket R58 Espresso Machine, you can enjoy your favorite barista-quality beverages at home and skip your usual stop at the coffee shop. This semi-automatic superior quality espresso machine has all the features needed to be used inside a small coffee shop. Yet, it is also simple and quiet enough for residential use. If you are ready to get on board the home-barista bandwagon, this helpful Rocket R58 Review will help you decide if this machine is the ideal fit for you. Here we will discuss the advantages of owning this machine and the many features like the touchscreen PID and stainless steel cup rail, which set it apart from all other home espresso machines on the market.

There are no two espresso machine models that are the same. That is why we believe it is essential that you learn as much as you can about the Rocket R58 before you purchase one. Learning more about the distinctive features it offers can be a great benefit and ensure you are getting the espresso machine of your dreams. This product could be an excellent investment for your home or even a small coffee bistro. Therefore, you should pay attention to the key points and helpful info in this Rocket R58 review.


Our #1 pick for the best rocket espresso machine


Reservoir Size (L)
Boiler(s) Material
Dimensions (in.)
Weight (lbs.)
Power (V)
Two years


From all walks of life, people worldwide start their days the same way with a refreshing cup of warm coffee or a smooth and delicious espresso. Coffee Trusted Source How coffee became an unstoppable force Coffee was once a little-known delicacy used to aid religious rituals – now we drink more than two billion cups a day. provides that energy boost we all need to conquer the day ahead.

The Rocket Espresso R58 is a powerful machine that makes it possible to create barista-style drinks at home. It is a stylish and sophisticated machine that fits in well with any contemporary décor. With innovative features such as a dual copper boiler, rotary pump, and steam pressure consistency, your favorite cup of coffee will always be within your reach.

In this Rocket R58 Espresso Machine Review, we will take a closer look at the features that make this machine stand out from all the rest.

Overall performance and design

Rocket R58 Review: Your Own Energy Booster (Summer 2022)

The cup rail is a sturdy stainless steel cup rail featuring a beautiful ‘R’ logo detailing similar to other parts of the Rocket Espresso line.

The Rocket R58 is a powerful espresso machine Trusted Source Who needs an espresso machine? | Food | The Guardian You can get a great cup of coffee from one of these but you need to follow a few ground rules. with double boilers that enhance the efficiency of the final product while extending the machine’s lifespan. It has all the features you would expect to find on a professional espresso machine, but at the same time, the features are not too complicated for a first-time user. It is also just the right size to add to your kitchen. The Rocket brand is well-known for its high-quality craftsmanship, and this machine is truly a work of art. With this stylish and efficient machine, you can easily make your favorite espressos at home and have fun while treating your friends to your latest coffee concoction.


The capacity for the Rocket R58 is 2.5 L or 84.54 oz. It features two separate boilers for producing espresso and steam. You can even perform both tasks simultaneously, all while maintaining control of the temperature for each boiler. It is ideal for serving espressos at a small café or bistro because it allows you to create and serve multiple beverages in less time.


The Rocket R58 was built by hand in Milan, Italy, giving it an extra boost of sophistication and class. It is made from a stainless steel material with double boilers made from copper and brass. The portafilters and tampers are made from chrome-plated brass with plastic handles. The sleek design of this espresso machine will give others the impression that you paid much more for it.

Dimensions and Weight

The Rocket R58 espresso machine is 17.3 inches high and 12 inches wide (17 inches when the PID is attached). It is 16 inches in depth and weighs 64 lbs. It is a solid and durable machine that will not take up too much space on your kitchen counter. If you are interested in a portable machine, this is not the one for you. However, Rocket does have a lighter espresso machine model, the Porta Via, that you can take along with you while camping in an RV or staying at a hotel.


The Rocket R58 uses a standard 15 amp and operates at a maximum wattage of 1400 W, making it ideal for residential use.


The Rocket R58 PID Controller Display allows the user to maintain a precise temperature by adjusting as needed. With this feature, you have control of the boilers while the PID continuously calculates how much power is needed to maintain the optimal temperature. The screen displays various types of information, and it is a great improvement from traditional systems controlled by a thermostat. The touchscreen PID controller is detachable and includes features such as a shot timer and a programmable auto-on timer.

Rocket R58 Review: Your Own Energy Booster (Summer 2022)

Displays low water along with the shot timer, the green status light also flashes when the reservoir is removed or has low water.

Ways of Using

This machine makes it possible to create delicious café style espressos, cappuccinos, and shots in your kitchen. The double boilers improve the efficiency of the product while producing either steamed milk or foam. There is also a steam wand that is thermos-insulated. That means the wand will get hot but not as fast as traditional wands, making it much safer to use.


There are not many espresso machines out there that are simple and easy to clean. They all require backflushing to clean out the brew group and shower screen. You want to remove all the old deposits and coffee oils left behind. Once a month, you should take apart the group head to clean them and remove any scale buildup or coffee residue. Doing so will help to improve your shot flavor. The Rocket R58 steam wand, which you should wipe down after each use, is easier to clean because it stays cool. That makes cleaning much faster, at least when it comes to the wand.

Ease of Maintenance

Keeping your Rocket R58 espresso machine clean after each use is a big part of overall maintenance for this product. You should remove the shower screen before cleaning, it is easy to pop off using a flat head screwdriver or a spoon. Once removed, inspect and dry all components entirely before adding a lubricant to the pins, cam, and spindle, as well as the cam’s pivot hole. That helps decrease the risk of the pin bending once the machine is reassembled. Depending on how much you use the machine, you should backflush your Rocket R58 often, at least once every few days.


According to the official website for Rocket Espresso Milano, warranties and after-sales services are only available when purchasing a certified authentic Rocket Espresso product. The time frame of the warranty and the terms depend on what is offered by the retailer where you purchased the machine. Most online and offline stores offer a 2 to 3-year warranty covering parts, labor, and servicing. Additional services may be available, including care and maintenance services provided by a professional technician.

Price Tag

The price of the Rocket R58 is around $3,000. That is a reasonable price for an espresso machine of this superior quality. However, it is still a lot of money to spend, especially if you don’t plan to use it often. But if you are a caffeine fanatic and spend $4 or more each morning on espresso from a coffee shop, you may want to consider investing in one of these powerful machines.

Keep in mind that similar machines on the market run between $3,500 and $5,000, so when you compare it to other products, the R58 is quite affordable. And if you keep up maintenance on your Rocker R58 and clean it often, you will get many years of use out of it, making it well worth the cost.

Other Features

As you can see from this Rocket R58 review, this machine has an abundance of features that are sure to please any at-home barista. The dual boiler and steam pressure consistency can help you create the tastiest beverages with a smooth milk texture for the perfect latte. Users can also plumb it or use the water reservoir, which may decide when choosing between multiple espresso machines. It allows pre-infusion, which exposes the coffee to low-pressure water when it first begins to brew. That makes a smooth extraction possible resulting in espresso with exceptional crema and body. This machine is also very quiet, making it the ideal option for home use. And the included stainless steel cup rail will keep your counter neat and organized.



  • Dual Copper Boiler
  • Made from Quality Stainless Steel
  • Quiet Operation Ideal for Home Use
  • Electronic PID
  • Rotary Pump for the Perfect Espresso
  • Pre-Infusion
  • Includes a Water Reservoir
  • Can also Connect to your Water Line
  • Made in Italy
  • The water tank is sometimes tricky to remove
  • The water reservoir is small than some customers expected
  • The external PID can easily become damaged


Now that you know more about the Rocket Espresso R58, how it works, and the many features it has to offer, are you ready to make it a part of your home café or add it to your small hometown bistro? This commercial-grade espresso machine is a worthwhile investment for business owners and everyday coffee enthusiasts with an abundance of features and modernized style. The few disadvantages that we found associated with this machine can be avoided with proper care, and there aren’t enough bad things to say about this espresso machine when you consider all the benefits you will receive.


How coffee became an unstoppable force
Coffee was once a little-known delicacy used to aid religious rituals – now we drink more than two billion cups a day.
Who needs an espresso machine? | Food | The Guardian
You can get a great cup of coffee from one of these but you need to follow a few ground rules.
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