Stay Roasted’s mission is to positively impact lives through Coffee, Community and Contribution.

Our Mission


The first step in every great recipe is always gathering the finest and freshest ingredients.

Coffee is no exception. Therefore we strive to make top quality, freshly roasted whole bean coffees available in the most convenient and affordable way possible.

Our Mission


While large corporate brands are tending to their bottom line and cutting corners in quality, America’s independent coffee roasters are supporting their communities, visiting origin and honing their craft.

We’re committed to highlighting, celebrating and connecting these roasters to coffee drinkers all over the country.

Our Mission


Our Brew For Life™ program partners with Generosity.org to fund their ongoing projects aimed at providing as many people as possible with the most basic of all life’s essentials – clean water.

Every bag of coffee delivered through Stay Roasted provides a person in need with a year’s worth of clean water.