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Who We Are

Shearwater Organic Coffee Roasters is the first and only USDA certified organic coffee roaster in Fairfield County Connecticut. Shearwater is also 100% organic in that we purchase only certified organically grown coffee beans and roast only certified organic coffee beans at our roasting facility in Trumbull, CT. We roast to order with strict adherence to carefully developed roasting profiles for each bean and origin. These profiles maintain the origin flavors in each unique bean and as such most of our roasts are of the medium or light variety and classified as City, City+ and Full-City.

Organic Degree:  We are committed to the integrity of organic roasting. We want your health and our environment to be protected from harmful chemicals, pesticides and herbicides. That means we only purchase certified organic green coffee beans. And only certified organic coffee beans will ever arrive at our roasting facility or pass through our roaster and grinders. We won’t compromise on that principle. Furthermore, we clean our facility with only USDA organic cleaning fluids. And we don’t allow any harmful pesticides to be used inside or outside of our facility.

Sustainable:  As a Small-batch Artisan Roaster we are concerned about sustainable business practices. As such we selected the highly energy efficient Diedrich IR-12 infra-red roaster for our operation as it is designed to minimize impact to our local environment and use less fuel to operate than conventional roasters.

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