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Last updated: July 02, 2022

La Pavoni Professional Espresso Machine Review (Summer 2022)

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Last updated: July 02, 2022
Stay Roasted is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Who it’s best for:
  • Espresso connoisseurs
  • Experienced baristas
  • A lover of old-fashioned décor
  • Someone who spends time using the machine to learn
Main features:
  • It’s made of a shining metallic body
  • It has a spacious and durable boiler
  • It is a manual espresso machine operated with a lever
  • It has a gauge for measuring the pressure needed
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  • Value for Money 9.6
  • Overall 9.7
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Stay Roasted is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Humans have been structured in a way that when they see beauty, they get lost in awe. One of the things that encapsulate them with elegance is the La Pavoni Professional. It has a highly polished body reflecting light, a pressure gauge on top of the water level sight glass, and a lever protruding from the front. At first look, this espresso machine leaves a strong and lasting impression with its shining metallic body and unusual lever function.

It is a manual espresso machine with a lever that has vintage-inspired characteristics. This machine enhances the physical experience of making espresso. It features a helpful pressure gauge on top, so you can quickly check to see if your machine is functioning well. Also, it is very much durable; you can use it to steam and brew for decades.

You might just even become impatient to get it, but before you do, it will be best if you conduct some research. With your best interest at heart, we’ve explored and provided you all the information you need to make an informed decision to get the espresso machine. Keep on reading as everything will be revealed in this La Pavoni Professional Review.


Copper and Brass
Boiler Capacity
38 oz
12.6 x 7.9 x 11.4 inches
12.1 lbs
Portafilter Type
110 AC
Power Output
1000 Watts
1 year
La Pavoni (Italy)

La Pavoni Professional Review

Although the La Pavoni Professional espresso machine is no longer very widespread, having been gradually phased out in favor of more easy-to-operate models that use technology in creating buttons, switches, and touch screens that make brewing faster, the machine still stands out in specific ways. This La Pavoni Professional Review will explain the characteristics that make the espresso machine stand out amongst others.

Overall Performance and Functions

There is no denying that the La Pavoni Professional espresso machine is among the best and most elegant on the market today. It has a stellar reputation and uses only the highest-quality materials for its equipment; everybody who knows this machine has nothing but positive things to say about it.

The manual lever feature is one of its best-selling points. With it, you can make your espresso almost entirely by hand. To make a shot of espresso, instead of depending on your machine to pump the water, you will pull the lever just as the first baristas did more than 100 years ago.

Brewing Capability

One of the outstanding characteristics of the La Pavoni Professional is its capacity to begin brewing immediately after it has finished steaming or to begin steaming after just when it has finished brewing. When the water in the 38 oz capacity boiler has been sufficiently heated, there is just enough pressure to execute any espresso task, such as foaming or milk steaming.

The all-metal steam wand allows you to foam milk the old-fashioned way in minutes, bringing it to a bubbling foamy consistency. After you are done, close the steam valve, and you are ready to start brewing right away.

Brewing with this machine is not in any way complicated. All you have to do is to: pour your coffee into the filter basket, press it till it is flat, insert the valve, and pull a shot. If the coffee is compressed into the filter basket very well, the small one will contain 9g of ground coffee, while the bigger one will contain a maximum of 14g.

Pre-infusion (a term used to describe coffee blooming in espresso machines) is relatively unnoticeable, but you can know if you raise the lever until it catches at the top. The pre-infusion process gets complete when you notice a few droplets of “free run” espresso coming out of the valve. After this is done, you can pull your shot. The 38 oz capacity boiler generates sixteen 2-oz espresso shots.

Convenience in Use

There is no other lever machine that provides precise information as this on the various elements involved in espresso making. It shows you exactly how much of the espresso grounds you are to use and how the grinding extent and compression depth correspond to the pressure needed to drive the water through the coffee puck.

You should start with a test run. If not, the brewing system will remain too cold, which will result in making a cold espresso. However, you should not allow the brewing unit to be too hot; if it overheats, there might be an issue.

After some time, if you push the machine’s lever upward, you’ll hear hot water streaming into the brewing system. This occurs as a result of the boiler’s increasing pressure. The quantity of water that streams in is commensurate with one espresso. As a result, you will have to pull the lever twice to make double espresso. Usually, pre-infusion (coffee blooming) is indicated. This means you don’t quickly depress the lever. Instead, permit the espresso puck to touch the hot water first.

Several users prefer a bottomless portafilter, mostly because of educational purposes, as using it allows them to better comprehend the evolution of the espresso and its foam. Another reason why people prefer the bottomless portafilter is that the outlet with the funnel is compatible with this machine. It barely manages to dispense espresso from both funnels equally.

However, if you must have a well-prepared espresso, you must buy a tamper that will do very well in compressing the grounds in the filter basket because the tamper that comes with the machine is quite incapable.

The La Pavoni Professional makes brewers who are capable of operating it conveniently, operate any other espresso machine. So, before you can boast of operating a portafilter machine, you must have mastered this.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Your intuition is needed when it comes to maintenance and cleaning as the machine has no reminder lights or descaling applications. No doubt, you can always buy descaling substances, but in any case, you must know the time to use them as the machine doesn’t have an automated tracking system. This is critical if your water has a lot of minerals.

Limescale quickly discolors the otherwise beautiful espresso machine. However, it is usually possible to polish it away, restoring the machine’s natural glow. To prevent scratches, use a delicate cloth and a little glass cleaner because the copper and brass are protected by a layer of jewelry coating that doesn’t like tarnishing – don’t use harsh cleaners.

This machine, like other espresso machines, will become scaled at some point. Although the toughness of the water used determines the speed with which this occurs. Once in a while, you should unscrew and clean the brewing system. You should also lubricate the mechanical components and replace any seals as appropriate.

For better cleaning, you can immerse the filter baskets, steam wand, portafilter, and other components in heated water with dish detergent mixed in to guarantee that no crusty coffee layer remains on the device.

The portafilter can handle a lot, so you don’t have to fidget if you fail to descale the espresso device for a long time.

One thing to always remember is that this espresso machine is a manual device. You brew by hand and clean by hand. If you are usually captivated by the alluring glitter of copper and brass, cleaning this machine will be a beautiful thing and joy that lasts for a lifetime because it’s like cleaning a classic Italian sports automobile.

Italian Design

La Pavoni Professional Espresso Machine Review (Summer 2022)

The golden color, together with the vintage design, makes this espresso machine an authentic luxury item.

La Pavoni is situated in Milan, Italy, and it was founded in 1905 (over 100 years ago). It has risen to become the world’s leading manufacturer of espresso machines by leveraging the quality of its equipment and sophisticated design.

The La Pavoni Professional espresso machine is made of glistening copper and brass, which adds to the elegance of any kitchen. It is a type of machine that makes people exclaim excitement. It has a dimension of 12.6 x 7.9 x 11.4 inches, a weight of 12.1 lbs, 110 AC volts, and a power output of 100 watts.

The 38 oz capacity boiler is sealed by a huge screw cover on top of the machine. The water is also visible through a glass window. This is very crucial as you must wait for the machine to cool fully before refilling it. There is also a pressure measurement feature within the boiler.


They are less likely to break or be faulty and this is due to the protective coating that the machine is composed of. It’s made of metal, as opposed to plastic, and has an innate sense of trustworthiness. Although plastic is a better cost-effective choice, if the La Pavoni Professional espresso machine were composed of plastic, it is highly likely it won’t last for long before something breaks. As time goes on, some components might need to be replaced. Don’t fidget as there are readily available spare parts that you can use as a replacement.

Asides from its longevity, the machine is undeniably stylish. Its metallic composition allows it to merge well with gleaming kitchen appliances despite its retro look.

Value for Money

This machine is unmatched; nothing else looks like it. The excitement of being able to control every component of the drink you are producing is great. But it costs a substantial sum of money.

The reason for this is that espresso machines have evolved with time. They use innovative technologies to provide you with excellent coffee. Pardon me to say that you are only wasting your money if you buy low-cost espresso machines because they don’t last long. A somewhat higher budget won’t hurt as much as replacing your espresso machine frequently.

On the other hand, it’s a good value for your money if you want a sparkling vintage symbol in your kitchen that can also be used to brew killer coffee drinks. With the La Pavoni Professional, you can learn how to make a nice espresso.

With the machine, you get to enjoy the lever extraction’s satisfying control, simplicity, and dependability. Lever extraction gives you complete control over how you make your coffee, allowing you to feel the extraction process. La Pavoni lever espresso machine gives a satisfying ‘hands-on’ coffee-making experience enjoyed by espresso lovers all over the world. The machine's expense is completely justified Trusted Source Lab Culture: Glowing Fish Brains, Cartoons, and Espresso in the Engert Lab | National Geographic The most prominent was a fire-engine red La Pavoni commercial model espresso machine.

Other Features

La Pavoni Professional Espresso Machine Review (Summer 2022)

The La Pavoni Professional comes with two ways of steaming milk: a classic steam wand and an auto-frothing attachment.

The La Pavoni Professional espresso machine has no pump or tricky equipment, so it’s incredibly dependable. Spare parts are easily obtainable, and the machine’s maintenance is simple. The La Pavoni Professional is a true work of art that is built to last, handcrafted in Italy using high-quality components such as copper and brass. In a world where everything is transitory, the machine upholds its tradition of being made of high-quality equipment and lasting for decades.

In addition to the specific performance and functions stated above, the La Pavoni Professional machine comes with some extra features. They are:

  • Internal Thermostat: As previously said, this espresso machine is for baristas who have a specialty in preparing espresso and people who are ready to learn which would be inconvenient to utilize if it couldn’t self-correct. It is also quite expensive, so unless you know how to operate it, inside and out, you would be continually anxious about destroying it in some manner.

But fortunately, it can monitor its internal pressure even though it’s not an automated machine. It contains an internal thermostat that monitors the pressure, preventing it from reaching an unsafe level.

  • Dual Frothing Machine: As a plus to the standard steam wand, the La Pavoni Professional espresso machine comes with a cappuccino mechanism that makes foaming milk a little easier. It’s made up of a tube that can be effortlessly connected to the wand and a milk container to make easy milk foam.

It’s straightforward, and that’s precisely what makes it valuable. With the help of this automatic foaming system, you’ll be able to make foamy coffee drinks and creamy espresso whether or not you’ve done it before.

  • Gradual Infusion: The brew pressure gradually rises as the level is dropped until it overwhelms the crushed coffee cake and the espresso begins to pour. Unlike conventional pump-driven espresso machines, which rapidly increase extraction pressure from zero to one hundred percent, the La Pavoni Professional lever machine gradually increases extraction pressure for a smooth espresso machine with excellent flavor, texture, and foam.

Why You Should Buy La Pavoni Professional

La Pavoni Professional is one of the few machines that you will buy and don’t regret in years to come as they don’t give you any reason to. Here are a few reasons why you should buy the machine.

  • Capacity to make exceptional espresso: While it takes time to learn, you begin to prepare great espresso once you do.
  • Boiler composition: The boiler is composed of high-quality brass and copper that has been nickel-coated for heat resistance. Pressure can be easily monitored using an externally attached pressure sensor.
  • Elegance and Durability: This is one reason why most people buy the machine. It is a beauty to behold, and it adds elegance to your kitchen while lasting for a long time. It represents the coordination of beauty, high quality, and durability.
  • It looks fantastic and small in size
  • It is durable and well-stocked, with spare parts
  • It has an in-built boiler pressure gauge
  • Heat time is less than 10 minutes
  • It does not make noise while brewing espresso
  • You must first let it chill down before replacing the water
  • It has a high probability of overheating after making several espresso shots


The La Pavoni Professional espresso machine is a good machine with ugly counterparts. The design is a stop-to-look-at. The brewing capability is one of a kind as the boiler is big enough to contain much water, and it is easy to maintain and clean. It is pretty expensive, but the performance and functions justify that as it can be used for decades without any part getting broken.

However, it overheats after making a few espresso shots, which makes it not so suitable for a large number of people. Also, the tamper that comes with the machine is a joke as it can’t perform its function.


Lab Culture: Glowing Fish Brains, Cartoons, and Espresso in the Engert Lab | National Geographic
The most prominent was a fire-engine red La Pavoni commercial model espresso machine.
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