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Last updated: June 07, 2022

Krups GX5000 Review (Summer 2022)

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Last updated: June 07, 2022
Stay Roasted is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Ideal for:
  • Home use
  • Variety of coffee-making methods
  • Coffee enthusiasts
  • Electric
  • Nine grind levels
  • Decent capacity
  • Made with safety in mind
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  • Blades 9.9
  • Safety 9.6
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Stay Roasted is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

As a coffee grinder, the Krups Gx5000 was designed to be affordable but efficient, and it has largely succeeded in achieving its goals. This electric coffee grinder is also durable enough to not necessitate a replacement for at least a few years. The above claims are, however, just an introduction and this comprehensive Krups Gx5000 review is here to sing its praises and, of course, tell you of its significantly few flaws.

Better still, despite this effectiveness, the Krups coffee grinder is refreshingly easy to use and stylish enough to look as cool as it works in your kitchen.


Grind levels
Bean container capacity
8 oz.
Removable container capacity
15 oz.
Serving capacity
2-12 cups
Safety features
Doesn’t start without a lid; Does not overheat
Burr material
3.2 lbs

Krups GX5000 Review

This product is one of the more popular coffee grinders around, and a closer inspection of its design and service would show why. The coffee grinder is as adaptable to the lives of casual coffee drinkers as it is to those of true coffee connoisseurs.

Furthermore, its electric nature means that it is just as convenient as it is effective. A combination of this convenience and the aforementioned widespread suitability makes the Krups Gx5000 a quality product. Its quality is rounded out emphatically by its high-end design and durability.

The Krups Gx5000 doesn’t have a timer. Instead, it possesses built-in adjustable settings that allow users to select the number of cups they would like to grind for. Once the desired quantity has been ground out, the machine automatically stops working.

Overall performance and functions

The Krups Gx5000 has always been widely praised for its versatility and durability, but one of the biggest sources of satisfaction consumers have pointed out is the ease with which the machine can be used. It is easy to turn on and is just as easy to adjust.

The grind levels can be changed by simply using the knob located between the two containers on the machine. Despite this, though, the coffee grinder’s inability to produce a grind good enough for Turkish coffee has been one of its biggest flaws. But this doesn’t take away from the overall functioning of the appliance.

Krups GX5000 Review (Summer 2022)Type

A very important decision to deliberate upon before purchasing a coffee grinder is the type of coffee grinder you’d want. The two broad types available are electric and manual coffee grinders. Your choice could have a lot of effect on household power consumption and noise problem. But, as with all other home appliances, both types have their advantages and disadvantages.

The manual grinders make very little noise when used, but they are not as convenient or quick as the electrical grinders. They would require no electricity to function; many people prefer them due to their suitability for grinding small batches and offering a more hands-on approach to coffee making.

The electric grinders, on the other hand, provide faster and more convenient service though their electrical nature also means they make more noise than their manual counterparts. Their convenience is a key reason for the widespread use they enjoy among consumers of coffee. So, before you purchase your machine, weigh the pros and cons and make a choice you’re unlikely to regret.

If you’re a fan of convenience, the electrical grinders should be way more appealing to use, and the extremely easy-to-use nature of the Krups Gx5000 should be even more appealing.

Grind levels

One of the best things about coffee drinking is the wide range of tastes you can enjoy. This range would depend on the brewing technique, quality of the grind, and so on. But whatever your preferences are, you have to ensure that you have the right machine to serve your needs. In a home brewing setting, the first step to ensuring this is making sure your grinder possesses the right grind level(s).

The Krups Gx5000 electric coffee grinder is quite versatile in this regard. As reliable and effective as it is, it also offers nine levels of coarseness to your grind, with many more additional adjustment options in between these levels.

Despite this, though, this machine isn’t perfect for certain types of coffee as its grind might fall short of the fineness required in some cases.

Regardless, though, its range of grind levels and service is a good reason to invest in one for your home. It would be especially suitable if you’re a committed coffee drinker with a taste for variety.

Bean container capacity

This appliance has an 8 oz. bean container that effectively keeps your coffee beans fresh for a couple of days. This, however, doesn’t mean it would be ideal for storing the beans within the container. Ideally, you should only pour in beans that you are ready to grind, but if, for some reason, you need to leave some coffee beans within the container, it should maintain the freshness of your beans for a few days.

The relatively large capacity of this grinder is in line with its max 12-cup serving capacity. The machine is also designed to stop grinding once the machine’s desired quantity of beans is set to grind has been achieved.

Removable container capacity

The serving capacity of the Krups Gx5000 coffee grinder also necessitates a larger than average ground bin container. The container is removable (as expected) and has a capacity of about 15 oz. the ground coffee can be transferred from this removable container into the coffee maker for brewing.

It is important to note that this removable container should be cleaned with a damp cloth and dry before grinding begins.

Krups GX5000 Review (Summer 2022)Serving capacity

The Krups Gx5000 coffee grinder is a suitable one for large homes or small homes. Depending on how many people you’d be looking to satisfy, you can grind enough beans to prepare 2-12 cups of coffee. This can be adjusted on the machine and is another feature of the appliance that emphasizes its simplicity.

What this feature would mean is no need to weigh the coffee beans with so much precision, and you could afford to grind enough at once to satisfy multiple people.

However, despite the advantages of this machine in serving multiple people, the absence of a solo serving option means that it isn’t as suitable for people living alone and who are not as committed to coffee drinking.

It should be noted that the serving capacity of this machine doesn’t make it especially convenient for heavy use. Continuous day-to-day heavy use of this machine may increase the likelihood of overheating and would, consequently shorten its life span.

Safety features

A lot of emphases was placed on the working safety of this machine, and this is most obvious in the nature of some of the safety features present within the coffee grinder. For one, the coffee grinder would not start if the lid of the bean container is not placed or well placed. The same goes for if the bean container proper is not properly aligned. This safety measure is one reason why a Krups Gx5000 might not start even when the power button is pushed. A popular troubleshooting tip is to have users check the alignment and placement of the bean container and lid, respectively.

Another one of the features that are present to prevent wastage, as well as for safety reasons, is the auto shut off feature that stops the machine from grinding once the selected quantity and quality of the grind has been achieved. The safety aspect of such a shutoff kicks in when the machine is at risk of overheating, as overheating could damage the flavor and quality of the grind.

Other than the above two, the machine could also stop during operations because:

  • There are obstacles to the movement of the burrs
  • The maximum capacity of ground coffee in the removable container underneath has been exceeded

If the coffee grinder were to stop operating while grinding, check to ensure that all the parts are free to function well, that the lid of the bean container and the container itself is properly placed, and that the machine is still plugged. If you suspect that overheating was the cause of the shutoff, give the machine a thirty-minute break (at least) before restarting.


Krups GX5000 Review (Summer 2022)One of the biggest advantages or benefits of the Krups Gx5000 is its powerful motor. The appliance is often described as being powerful, and there’s no deception there. Yet, despite this well-talked about power, the appliance has a power rating of 110W, indicating that it is efficient enough.

Though this energy efficiency is not comparable to that of the conical burr grinders of the similar build available, it is better than that of most similarly sized flat burr coffee grinders. It is not rare to find grinders of the same size with a power rating of 150W. Higher-end premium coffee grinders could even have power ratings as high as 300W.

All in all, though, you should probably know that the total energy that the machine would consume would ultimately depend on how long the coffee grinder is used for.

Burr material

Burr grinders are the most popular in the market. This is because they tend to provide more options for coffee drinkers to enjoy in terms of grind sizes. Also, they grind the coffee beans rather than cut means that they produce more flavorful cups.

This would mean that provided the coffee beans you’re using is fresh and of high quality, a burr grinder would ensure you get a great, flavor-rich cup of coffee. Flexibility and effectiveness aside, burr grinders could still be made from different materials and in different forms. For instance, you could have ceramic or metal burrs, and the Krups Gx5000 utilizes metal burr. These metal burrs are generally considered more durable than ceramic ones.

The form of the burr could have huge implications on the noisiness, power consumption, and heat generation of the grinder. The two types or forms of burrs are conical and flat burrs. The conical burrs are conical (as the name suggests) and are considered to be more efficient.

The Krups Gx5000, however, possesses flat burrs. It has two horizontal blades, one facing upwards and the other facing downwards. While these flat burrs are very effective in grinding the coffee beans, they tend to use more energy, make more noise and generate more heat than the conical ones.

Heat generation is a particular source of worry as heat could affect the quality of the grind. These potential problems should not take away from the sterling function of the Krups Gx5000, though; a coffee grinding machine would only affect the quality of the grind if it operates for too long at high speed and this particular brand has an auto shut off setting to prevent overheating.

Krups GX5000 Review (Summer 2022)Weight

The Krups Gx5000, from the coloring to the weight, was made to ensure that the machine could fit easily into most kitchens. The machine weighs about 3.2 lbs, which means it isn’t very difficult to move around, and it stands at about seven inches tall. Part of the reason for its lighter weight is the simple design and the fact that both containers are plastic.

Durability and warranty

Thanks to the design and the quality of materials used in manufacturing the Krups Gx5000, the machine is quite durable, with some customers claiming that it has served them for as long as ten years. This durability would, however, be affected if regular maintenance of the appliance were neglected.

The manufacturers also considered this need for cleaning and maintenance. While they offer repair services and solutions on their website, they also ship special brushes with the appliance to help the cleaning process.

Cleaning is easy. The top burr and the removable container could be cleaned with soap and water though harsh cleaners should not be used. The bean container could be cleaned out using a damp cloth, and the brush that comes with the appliance is appropriate for wiping out any grind caught in the burrs.

The versatility of the machine means that it could be used to grind spices and nuts as well. If the machine is used for such a function, it should be cleaned before grinding coffee again. Failure to do so could affect the flavor of the coffee. Care should also be taken when grinding oily beans as they could clog up the machine.

Special attention would need to be taken when placing the burr after cleaning or maintenance as improper positioning or alignment of the burr could lead to an inability to change the grind settings or coarseness of the grind. A similar problem could result from the stickiness of the knob used in changing the settings.

The manufacturers also offer a 2-year warranty policy to cater to unsatisfied customers. Information concerning this could be accessed on the company website.

Price tag

Burr coffee grinders for home brewing usually fall within the range of $20 to $70 though it isn’t rare to see coffee grinders for home use go for significantly higher amounts. The Krups Gx50000 falls in the high-end category of coffee grinders thanks to its numerous (over 40) grind settings.

The available grind settings, alongside the powerful motor and safety measures adopted by the manufacturers, meaning that the higher-than-average cost of this coffee grinder is completely justified. A logical argument could be made that the machine provides a better value for the price than the cheaper grinders.

It should also be considered that many of the cheaper coffee grinders available are mostly for users new to the coffee grinding and brewing game. As such, they come with less sophisticated settings. The Krups Gx5000, however, could easily serve as a training grinder for baristas to use in experimenting though its use in commercial settings is not advisable due to the flat burrs it utilizes.

These flat burrs could lead to overheating following heavy use though the machine automatically shuts off in such situations.

Key features

The Krups Gx5000 coffee grinder is a very straightforward machine to operate. To support this easy usage, it also possesses certain safety features covered above. The design of the coffee grinder utilizes parts that may be completely or partially removable for cleaning and maintenance.

However, the considerate design doesn’t mean the machine would have its disadvantages as well, and the pros and cons of the Krups Gx5000 are listed below.

Pros Cons
This grinder is capable of grinding enough beans for multiple people at once It has no solo serving option and is not very suitable for use by individual consumers
It utilizes an effective burr grinder The flat burrs used tend to be noisy
The manufacturer offers repair services It is not suitable for making Turkish coffee
It is quite durable With age, the knob used in adjusting the grind sizes might become sticky
It is easy to use
It is easy to maintain
The grinder has a powerful motor


Any coffee connoisseur would tell you that there is nothing more satisfying than making your coffee. They would probably also tell you that the secret to brewing a great cop or pot of coffee starts from the grinding process; sure, the quality of the beans is important, but that aside, the grinding has to be done right.

This Krups Gx5000 review was intended to show just how well the appliance could impact the quality of the coffee you would be drinking, and there is no better evidence of this quality than in customer reviews. Read up on what other buyers had to say and purchase yours to enjoy quality service as well.

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