Last updated: July 15, 2022

Jura D6 Review: An Attractive Addition to Any Kitchen (Fall 2022)

Stay Roasted is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Last updated: July 15, 2022
Stay Roasted is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Ideal for:
  • Beginners
  • Office
  • Use with smart devices
Key features:
  • Super-automatic espresso machine
  • 7 brew options
  • Adjustable coffee spout height
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  • Coffee making 9.8
  • Ease of use 9.9
  • Design 9.7
  • Warranty 9.5
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Stay Roasted is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

It’s undeniable that a cup of coffee is the perfect start of the day. Caffeine’s delicious joy is a powerful motivator for getting things done. Time flows slowly without it, and eyes become heavier. Walking out to a coffee shop for a much-needed cup of coffee is not only a struggle but also frequently costs a lot of money. That quickly piles up!

Given the time, effort, and money that goes into getting a decent cup of coffee, buying a coffee machine seems to be a wise investment. By getting a coffee machine, you can have a cup of coffee at any time of day without standing in line.

If you want to start making your coffee from beans and achieve the maximum level of freshness, as with bean-to-cup systems, you need to know about Jura D6, a top-notch coffee machine in the market. We’ve put together an in-depth Jura D6 review for your convenience.


Brew options
Temperature levels
Coffee strength levels
Boiler type
In-build, Fine Foam
Automatic grinder
Yes, AromaG2
Bean hopper capacity
7 oz.
Water tank capacity
64 oz.
Coffee spout height adjustment
2.5–4.3 inches
1,450 W
11 x 13.6 x 16.3 inches
2-year limited/ 6,000 brew cycles

Overall Performance

The Jura D6 coffee machine is designed by a dedicated team of engineers with the idea of presenting a perfect cup of freshly ground coffee at the touch of a button. For all of its features, the Jura D6 automatic coffee machine appears to be an excellent choice for beginners. It’s an attractive addition to any kitchen within a reasonable price range.

Super-Automatic Functionality

Simply select the desired beverage from the display and hit the power button to have a cup of coffee in no time. This coffee machine uses a fully automated method that does not necessitate any prior knowledge to produce a good drink for your cravings.

Jura Trusted Source JURA turns 90 The JURA brand has stood for the highest quality, pioneering innovation, first-class design and sustainability in practice since 1931. offers a fantastic line of some of the best super-automatic espresso machines.

Ease of Use

Jura D6 Review: An Attractive Addition to Any Kitchen (Fall 2022)

The D6 espresso machine is highly customizable and compatible with the Smart Connect App

The majority of folks would like to simply press a button and have a delicious cup of coffee delivered to them. Jura D6 provides exactly that. This Automatic Coffee machine is extremely easy to use, with clearly labeled controls that let you customize your drinks and even prepare different shades of coffee for your different moods. Anyone in your family can use it effortlessly.

Taste and Aroma of Coffee Brewed

Overall, the D6 performs an excellent job of producing espresso or coffee. The optimized cutting angle of Jura’s bean grinder retains the full aroma of the bean while freshly grinding your favorite coffee to the exact fineness. You may fine-tune the grind to the bean type with adjustable grind settings.

The Jura D6’s Pulse Extraction Process reduces extraction time by pulsing hot water through the grounds for a thorough infusion, resulting in a rich aroma and flavor.

It also uses Jura’s SMART Filter, which produces better-tasting coffee and relieves the need to descale the machine.

Design and Construction

Jura equips all of its espresso machines with high-end materials such as aluminum and stainless steel. These things are also included in Jura D6.

Customers can choose between Piano Black and Platinum color options Trusted Source Coffee with Style -- JURA Expands Color Palette with Contemporary Whites As white ascends as a contemporary color choice in kitchen décor, JURA presents some of its most innovative automatic coffee machines in new white hues. to get the greatest match for their houses. It’s the ideal size for a limited area, and the matte, glossy finish on the machine’s exterior keeps it looking attractive.

Bean Hopper and Water Tank Capacity

Jura D6 Review: An Attractive Addition to Any Kitchen (Fall 2022)

Jura D6 sports a removable 64-ounce water tank

The 7.1-oz capacity hopper is located on the right side of the machine and is best suited for home use. However, unlike other Jura super-automatic espresso machines, there is no bypass funnel for pre-ground coffee. The right side of the machine’s bean hopper features a cap that seals the beans, keeping them fresh for longer. It also has the grind adjustment required to change your coffee’s flavor.

The water reservoir has a 64 oz. capacity. The tank can be removed from the machine’s left side for easy cleaning and refilling. If you put the machine underneath a cabinet, this design is really attractive.

Display and Controls

The D6 is a perfect example of a classic design. It looks elegant no matter where you place it. Cleanliness is also an important aspect of the aesthetic. The arrangement of the many buttons and settings reflects this elegance. The customizable display’s dials are intuitively designed. You can make six types of coffees with the help of a simple display guideline!


The Jura D6 coffee machine is loaded with cutting-edge technology, including a Fragrance G3 burr grinder with five grinding settings for you to choose from. This coffee machine can ground fresh coffee beans up to 2x faster than typical grinders while also preserving the coffee’s exquisite aroma.

The grinder ensures a 12.2% increase in the aroma as well as consistent high-quality grinding for the whole life of the machine.


This machine’s frothing is entirely automated. It performs admirably, producing a finely divided, dense foam with excellent consistency. Simply program the Jura D6 correctly, and it will froth your milk for you.

If you wish to manually froth your milk, you’ll need to use a separate milk pipe. Although this pipe is supplied, it does require some setup. You can also get a single serving of milk foam to put on top of other drinks like hot chocolate or mocha.

Milk and Water Spout

Jura D6 Review: An Attractive Addition to Any Kitchen (Fall 2022)

D6 can brew one or two cups of espresso at the same time

The D6 is a good choice for cappuccino lovers on the run, It really does make things easier. You don’t have to shuffle your cup because the coffee and milk spouts are next to each other. The milk will automatically follow the coffee once it has finished dispensing.

The brewing spout on the Jura D6 design is another fantastic feature. The D6 brews two cups of coffee at the same time and dispenses them through dual spouts. It can be raised or lowered to accommodate larger coffee cups or mugs. You can conveniently adjust the height of the coffee spout from 2.5 to 4.3 inches. The brewing spout is located on the front of the machine, and the coffee runs through the brew group before exiting the spout.

Ease of Cleaning

One of the best features of the Jura D6 coffee maker is how easy it is to clean.

You can clean the inside of the machine through the hatch opening of the chute. The Jura D6 comes with built-in maintenance plans that will remind you to execute them. Cleaning the fine foam frother, the machine, descaling the equipment, and rinsing the milk system are among these tasks.

If you don’t want to do the cleaning manually, you can buy Jura cleaning tablets to avoid tainting the coffee flavor. Alternatively, you can let the machine clean itself by turning off the steam valve after 10 minutes.

Overall Size and Aesthetics

The D6 was designed with a number of unique features. One of these advances is an LED-lit, feature-rich menu that can be accessed by turning a knob, making customizing and maintenance intuitive and convenient. With a weight of only 2.3 pounds, this automatic coffee center is quite little for what it delivers to the table. It has a box-like appearance and will take up at least 13.5 inches of depth and 11 inches of depth on your countertop. The body is made from a single component of aluminum and is extremely light.


The Jura D6 features an eco-mode which is a low-energy option. When a coffee, steam for hot milk, or milk froth is selected, the steam system merely heats up. If you turn off Eco mode, you can make milk froth and hot milk, as well as coffee and espresso, one after the other. When the steam system is blocked, and a lot more energy is consumed, the coffee machine will display a message indicating that the energy usage has been changed.

Brewing Performance

The Jura D6 includes a number of features that make brewing a high-quality cup of coffee a breeze. This machine gives you complete control over your coffee by utilizing the various features and functionality. Jura D6 coffee machine can make your perfect cup of coffee in less than a minute, thanks to its one-touch operation. Hot water can also be dispensed with it.

Beverage Types

Jura D6 Review: An Attractive Addition to Any Kitchen (Fall 2022)

Jura D6 offers seven brew options, four coffee strength levels, and two temperature levels

You’ll like how this automatic coffee machine allows you to completely customize each cup you brew. There are seven different coffee strengths to pick from including three programmable cappuccino, coffee, and espresso drinks, allowing you to make each cup as light or dark as you like. This process of fine-tuning also applies to the types of drinks you can brew.

If this machine fails to satisfy your coffee cravings, you can have a look at the best office espresso machines.

Temperature Adjustment

Another amazing feature of the Jura D6 is the Thermo block heating technology. This feature is available on all Jura models and is designed to swiftly boil water to the proper brewing temperature.

Brewing Technology

This machine employs Pulse Extraction Process Technology to ensure that your coffee tastes exactly the way you want it to. The maximum aroma that can unfold from the coffee beans and water is obtained with this approach.

The PEP technique uses pressure to pump hot water through the coffee at short intervals, giving even short specialty coffees like espresso and ristretto the depth and breadth of aromas while also increasing the flavor.

Smart Connect App

Jura D6 Review: An Attractive Addition to Any Kitchen (Fall 2022)

You can control your D6 from your smartphone or tablet and get access to the brewing parameters thanks to the Smart Connect App

This incredible machine also has Smart Connect as one of its key features. You can control it with your smartphone, which is really useful. It allows you to connect your machine with your mobile device using your Wi-Fi network in a smart way. You can use the smart app to get access to the brewing parameters at any time. You can change the brewing settings at any moment and monitor what’s happening with the machine using that app before you have even come out of your bed.


The accessories for the D6 have to be purchased individually. Jura, of course, recommends its products, which include; milk containers, cleaning tablets, and CLEARYL water filters. There’s also the JURA Smart Connect, a Bluetooth receiver that lets you operate the coffee machine.


This machine will last a long time because it is designed with high-quality materials. Unlike many other espresso/coffee machines, you can own this one for a long time and not have any problems with it. The materials used are important in ensuring maximum durability. The brew group is made of aluminum with a stainless-steel lining. Aluminum is a highly robust, lightweight, and durable metal. It has great resistance to water and dust. It also keeps the machine from overheating by releasing heat into the atmosphere.


Jura’s D6 Automatic Coffee Center is one of their most popular models. Jura offers a 24-month limited warranty on the machine. The warranty is usually for one year, and you can extend it by purchasing a new one. However, this espresso machine may last for at least 5 years.


Juras are more expensive because they are better crafted and last longer than the competition. The D6 is also one of the few super automated espresso machines at this price point that can make a hands-free cappuccino, regardless of brand. This is even better value for cappuccino aficionados with a big mug. The Jura D6’s price is very reasonable in comparison to its overall functionality.

Key Features

  • The interactive text display is really useful.
  • It is excellent for small kitchens due to its compact and streamlined appearance.
  • It includes instructions for making six distinct types of coffee.
  • The D6 cleaning system is fully automated, and you can connect and manage it using your smartphone.



  • Super-automatic functionality
  • Fast and precise built-in grinder
  • Programming capability that allows it to cater to any individual’s preferences
  • Easy to clean
  • Smart Connect App control
  • Lack of a bypass doser

Who Is It For?

This machine could be a fantastic choice for those looking for a Jura machine with a fair price tag and the majority of Jura’s features.


If you’re still unsure about the Jura D6 coffee machine, we’ve put up a list of fantastic alternatives among the best Jura coffee machines.

Jura E6

If you are the type of person who will go to Starbucks for coffee on most days, probably more than once, do yourself a favor and save your money by purchasing Jura E6 espresso machine instead. It would undoubtedly take pride of place in any coffee lover’s kitchen, with its sleek grey and black plastic case and sophisticated contemporary design. The Jura E6 is a top-of-the-line automatic bean-to-cup coffee machine for the house.

You can make coffee in a couple of seconds with this super-automatic espresso maker. The machine’s features and functions, such as an intelligent water system, customizable coffee selections, and P.E.P. brewing, make it an excellent choice.

Jura E8

Jura E8 is known for its perseverance and pioneering spirit. The LED screen on this coffee machine is attractive and simple to operate. It reminds you to clean it, dump the wasted grounds drawer, and walk you through all of the programming functions. The Aroma G3 grinder, a Jura specialty that extracts rich smells from the beans, can be found within. Water quality is maintained via an intelligent filter and filter detecting system. Maintenance is handled via a TUV-certified self-cleaning program. In addition, the E8 coffee machine is extremely easy to operate.

Jura S8

Jura S8 is a wonderful fit for your lifestyle if you want to avoid using solitary pods. Every time this coffee machine brews, it uses freshly ground coffee. This is one of Jura’s most flexible machines, capable of producing up to 15 distinct beverages in seconds, including cappuccinos, macchiatos, flat whites, lattes, espressos, and coffee. It makes excellent coffee, as you’d expect from a machine in this price range. It also has a great appearance, making it the ideal addition to any modern kitchen or office.


This machine is an excellent choice for a beginner seeking the finest Jura coffee machine with a reasonable price tag. We hope our Jura D6 review has assisted you in your decision.


JURA turns 90
The JURA brand has stood for the highest quality, pioneering innovation, first-class design and sustainability in practice since 1931.
Coffee with Style -- JURA Expands Color Palette with Contemporary Whites
As white ascends as a contemporary color choice in kitchen décor, JURA presents some of its most innovative automatic coffee machines in new white hues.
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