Brewing Basics: How To Make Cold Brew Coffee

Stop everything you’re doing! (Umm, unless you’re driving – please don’t read blogs and drive.)

Now count up how many times have you’ve mindlessly dropped $3 or more on a mid-afternoon cold brew coffee pick-me-up. If you’re like me, then too many to count.

It’s almost NOT FAIR! Lunch settles in and things start getting all sluggish, so you sneak out with your work buddies for a fresh cold brew coffee.

You’re JOLTED right back to productivity!

…but after a few days, those bucks are starting to add up.

Challenge –> I want you to learn to make cold brew coffee. Then take it into your office this week and blow your co-workers’ minds.

Challenge accepted? Cool, let’s begin…

jar coffee grounds pitcher - stay roasted


  Large glass container or jar with lid (should hold at least 32oz)

•  Chemex Filter (or any large coffee filter)

 Chemex or other large glass container to capture final product



•  Half bag (6 oz or 170g) of coffee beans ground course

•  28 oz (830g) of cold water (filtered or bottled)



1.  Add your ground coffee into your glass container, top off with all the water and stir. Wait 3 minutes.

2.  Give the mixture a final gentle stir to incorporate all the grounds and cover with a lid. Store at room temperature for 12 to 18 hours.

3.  Add a filter to your Chemex and rinse with cold water, emptying out of the spout once all the water passes through. (note, you can also use a coffee filter inside a fine mesh strainer if you don’t own a Chemex)

4.  Pour your coffee mixture in small batches through the filter. Store your cold brew concentrate covered in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.

There are so many applications with this delectable concentrate, but here are the basics.

•   Cold Brew: Add 1 part cold brew concentrate to 2-3 parts water, milk, or almond milk for a refreshing cold beverage.

•   Hot Coffee: Add 1 part cold brew concentrate to 2-3 parts hot water – adjusting the water to your desired level of strength.

cold brew with water or milk - stay roasted

Seriously. Once you realize how easy it is, you’ll be keeping jugs of the stuff to leave in the office fridge. (of course with the appropriate skull & cross bones “DO NOT TOUCH” label).

Co-workers already begging for more? Double the recipe by simply doubling the the coffee & water. Congrats, now you can tackle those sleepy afternoons AND have a few extra bucks for happy hour.


(NOTE: For best results, make sure to avoid common brewing mistakes with our 5 fast fixes for tastier coffee at home.)

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