Brewing Basics: How To Brew With An Aeropress Coffee Maker



Phew… that was a close one. I thought you were going to get nailed in the face by that flying orange ring.

Remember those Aerobie discs from back in the day (a.k.a the Ferrari of frisbees)? Totally high tech but so simple anybody could throw them a mile down the road.

Well leave it up the same inventor (Alan Adler) to blow our minds again but this time with a coffee gadget.

The AeroPress Coffee Maker has become a versatile favorite of newbies and pros alike. They’re affordable, super durable and of course so simple a caveman could brew it.

Let’s plunge right in…

Brewing Basics - AeroPress - Stay Roasted


  AeroPress Coffee Maker (with its included scoop and stir paddle)

•  AeroPress filters

 Kettle (or way of pouring hot water)



•  1.5 scoops (2.5 Tbsps or 17g) of medium-coarse ground coffee beans

•  7.5 oz (220g) of hot water (30 seconds off the boil is perfect)



1.  Place a filter into the basket, rinse with a little hot water, and screw onto the bottom of the chamber.

2.  Position your AeroPress basket-side down onto your favorite mug and wet the rubber part of your plunger.

3.  Add your ground coffee and slowly pour in hot water up to the – give it thorough stir then continue pouring until you reach .

4.  Add your plunger and take a full 75 seconds to plunge. Goooo… slowwww…

There you have it. Smooth, flavorful coffee you can brew just about anywhere.

Oh and even the clean up is simple.

Unscrew the basket over a trash can or compost bin (the filters are biodegradable) and give that plunger one last quick push. Your your spent coffee grounds and filter will pop right off!

You gotta love the future…


(NOTE: For best results, make sure to avoid common brewing mistakes with our 5 fast fixes for tastier coffee at home.)


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