Brewing Basics: How to Brew With a Hario V60 Coffee Dripper


Hey you. YES, YOU!

The good looking one…

This is your V60 Coffee Dripper speaking. I need your undivided attention for the next 3 minutes as we begin this intimate journey into the land of pour over coffee.

FOCUS my young jedi!

Even the smallest distraction or lapse of concentration could sabotage our quest for that beautiful, delicate, nuanced cup of coffee.

Deep breath innnnn – let’s brew…

v60 - brewing basics - Stay Roasted


•  V60 Coffee Dripper

•  Hario 02 coffee filter

•  Kettle (or way of pouring hot water slowly)


•  3 Tbsps (21g) of medium-coarse ground coffee beans

•  12oz (360g) of hot water (30 seconds off the boil is perfect)



1.  Place your V60 Coffee Dripper onto a mug or carafe – fold the textured edge of your filter inward, open it and place flush inside your V60.

2.  In a circular motion, pour in enough hot water to coat the filter. After the water has drained through, empty it out of your mug or carafe and return everything back to the starting point.

3.  Add your coffee grounds evenly into the center of the v60. Now in a slow, circular motion pour just enough water to coat all the grounds – roughly 1.7 oz (50g). Wait for 40 seconds.

4.  In the same SUPER SLOW motion, pour until your mixture reaches halfway up the filter and wait 30 seconds. Repeat this step one more time and allow the rest of the coffee to brew into your mug.

Ah, that slowwwww spiral motion of the water and the gentle path through the grounds into your cup is down right hypnotic!

No wonder people often refer to this pour-over style of coffee as more of a morning ritual than just a cup of coffee.

However you look at it, this delicious, personalized cup of coffee mixed with the built-in focus training is sure to get your mind right for the day.

Seriously, what more could you ask for? …oh yea, another cup of coffee 🙂


(NOTE: For best results, make sure to avoid common brewing mistakes with our 5 fast fixes for tastier coffee at home.)

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