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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started


How Does The Stay Roasted Organic Coffee Subscription Work?

As a subscriber, you receive a shipment of freshly roasted organic coffee beans every other week directly from the roaster. Each shipment will come from a different roaster in our USDA Certified Organic roasting network to provide you with an ever changing variety of regional favorites from around the country.

Which subscription level is right for me?

We offer three subscription levels. All levels are fair trade organic, single origin whole beans, just in different amounts:

1. The Single (12oz) – Just right for one standard coffee drinker

2. The Double (24oz) – The perfect plan for couples or if you just like to drink lots of coffee (we don"t judge, drink up!).

3. The Triple (36oz) – Awesome for families, roommates, couples that entertain, or office buddies.

Aunt Edna staying for a few weeks? Going on a sailing voyage for a few months? No problem. You can pause, upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at anytime.

What should I expect in each biweekly shipment?

You will receive freshly roasted, single origin, fair trade organic coffee beans in the amount that corresponds to your subscription level. Each shipment will be sent directly from one of our partner roasters via USPS.

The Coffee


When You Say Fresh, How Fresh?

Really fresh. Freshly roasted coffee actually takes up to a few days to reach its peak flavor potential (Nerd Alert: this is called the "off gassing" process). So our roasters roast and package shipments no later than two days prior to shipment allowing the beans to fully develop their flavor potential while en route to your doorstep. Peak flavor begins to decline at around two weeks – right when you are getting your next shipment of fresh beans!

Do You Offer A Blends Option?

Not yet, but if this interests you, let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.

Do You Offer A Decaf Option?

Not yet, but if this interests you, let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.

Payment & Shipping


What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discovery, & American Express.

Where do you ship?

We ship to the all 50 states in the USA.

Sorry Canada, please do not be sad, we are working on something special for you.

What is Your Return Policy?

No need to send anything back. If you have an issue with a shipment of beans, contact us at [email protected] and we will make things right.

My shipment never arrived, what is up with that?

There are two ways to track your shipment. The first is on your shipment email sent to the email address we have on file with your subscription – this contains the tracking number for your shipment. The second place to find tracking information is on your My Account page.

Please be sure your shipping address is accurate – this can be modified from your My Account page.

Lastly, you may contact us at anytime at [email protected] and we will help correct the issue.

I have a coupon code, how do I use it?

You can enter your coupon code on the Checkout page. Your total will be updated prior to finalizing your order.

My Subscription


How do I Upgrade or Downgrade my subscription?

On your My Account page, click "Change Subscription" which will take you to the Subscription page where you simply select a new amount of beans you want to be shipped every other week. Lastly, you will then be taken back through the Checkout process to finalize the change.

What if I go on vacation or become a tea drinker for a while?

No problem, just click Cancel from your My Account page. When you are ready to start getting shipments again, just go right back and click Renew.

If you would like your shipment sent somewhere new, just click My Account and update your shipment address. You can change this as many times as you like (as long as it"s in the good ole USA).

Which roaster will my next shipment come from?

We are not going to ruin the surprise! As a subscriber, each of your shipments will be sent from a different roaster in our network until all of them have sent you a shipment. We love variety and we love supporting all of our USDA Certified Organic coffee roasters nationwide.

If you really liked a particular roaster, please let us know!


How Do I Suspend/Pause my subscription?

Easy, just click Cancel from your My Account page. When you are ready to start getting shipments again, just go right back and click Renew.

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