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Coffee, The Stay Roasted Way

Hand-selected coffees delivered fresh to you from top roasters.

Specialty grade whole bean coffees matched to your tastes.

Effortless exploration of 45+ top independent craft coffee roasters.

Automatic fresh refills in just the right amount, only when you want.



Create Your Unique Coffee Profile

We’ll learn about your unique tastes and brewing habits and suggest the best styles, roasters and delivery schedule to keep you brewing your best.


You'll Meet
Your Roaster Lineup

We’ll set you up with dozens of expert coffee roasters queued up just like a playlist. They’ll take turns hand-selecting, skillfully roasting and delivering your coffees fresh.



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No matter how you brew it. Starting with fresh, high quality beans will take you from blah to barista the easy way.

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Stay Roasted is powered by a growing network of America’s top independent craft roasters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s in each coffee delivery?

Depending on your settings, you can get up to three 12oz bags of hand-selected, freshly roasted whole bean coffee in each delivery. Start your coffee profile here to determine the best amount and style of coffee for your unique tastes and brewing habits.

What kind of coffee do my roasters send?

All coffees are specialty-grade whole beans that have been freshly roasted before delivery. The style of coffee depends on your coffee profile which you can change anytime. Start your coffee profile here.

What is my ‘Roaster Lineup’?

It’s your personal team of coffees roasters. Organized just like a music playlist, your roasters take turns handling your coffee deliveries in the order they appear in your Roaster Lineup. And like any great playlist, you can replay your favorites, sort or remove anytime.

Can I get USDA Certified Organic coffees?

Yes. You can opt to recieve only USDA certified organic coffees from USDA certified organic coffee roasters. This option is available in your coffee profile. Start your coffee profile here.

Can I get decaf coffees?

Yes. You can set the style of each coffee in your deliveries. So you can get you can get all decaf or decaf and regular in the same delivery.

Can I reschedule or cancel?

Yes. We offer convenient recurring deliveries on a schedule you choose so you don’t run out of coffee or have to deal with stale leftovers. You can reschedule or stop for good in just a few clicks right on the website.