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Frequently Asked Questions

What is my roaster lineup?

Your Roaster Lineup is your personal team of coffee roasters. After you activate your coffee plan, you’ll get to add and rearrange any of the roasters you want to try just like a music playlist. Their spot in your lineup sets the order in which they'll hand-select and deliver your coffees.

What should I expect in every delivery?

Every delivery contains freshly roasted whole bean coffee in your roasters' sealed 12oz bags. The number of bags in each delivery is set by you during signup and each bag is hand-selected by the roaster based on your style and roast level preferences.

What kind of coffee do my roasters send?

When it’s delivery time, the roaster at the top of your Roaster Lineup will choose an in-season selection that matches your desired coffee style preference (Single Origin, Blend or Decaf) and roast Level (Lighter or Darker).

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards.

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Can I reschedule or stop my coffee deliveries?

Yes! Right from your coffee plan page. You have full control over your coffee plan. You can reschedule your next delivery or stop your deliveries for as long as you want. You are NEVER billed when your deliveries are stopped.

Do you ship internationally?

No. We only only ship directly from U.S.-based coffee roasters to U.S. addresses (including Hawaii, Alaska & Puerto Rico).