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Harrisonburg, VA

Founded on the aspect of community, Merge Coffee Company is a collective of individuals in Harrisonburg, VA all from different backgrounds yet united under one mission: provide great coffee to all people at every stage of life.



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    Single Origin

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    Single Origin

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We want every single customer to feel like a part of the family when they walk through our cafe doors or receive their online order in the mail. Our goal is to educate our customers and enhance their coffee experience, while remaining humble enough to listen. We believe community is reciprocal and that so much more can be accomplished when we work together.


Merge got its start almost by accident. A group of six friends got together about once a week to sample coffees from across the country. After doing that for months on end we decided to purchase a small batch roaster just to test our hand at crafting our own roast. We fell in love with the process and science and immersed ourselves in the roasting process and Merge was born.

Most of our team comes from an artistic background and aesthetic is extremely important to us. We highly value the beauty of individual creativity. In fact, in our coffee shop, we have a dedicated 8' x 20' shelf for local artists to display their best works.