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Austin, TX

Founded in 2005, by Joel Shuler, Casa Brasil Coffees is an Austin, Texas based coffee company that sources, imports and roasts beans exclusively from artisanal growers in Brazil. Casa Brasil is the first United States coffee company to focus on directly trading and offering gourmet Brazilian beans from seed to cup.



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We travel to Brazil each harvest to taste hundreds of coffees from throughout Brazil’s coffee growing regions. We are constantly seeking new partners and tasting how the peculiarities of each year affect the harvest.

We’ve Found Some Great Partners - After nearly a decade of doing this, we are fortunate enough to have developed great relationships with some of Brazil’s top growers.

We Detach from the Commodity Market, Pay a Consistent Price, and Pay Well - Traditionally coffee prices are based on the commodity market. High quality coffees receive a “premium” over the market price while lower quality coffees are sold for a “discount.” However, the commodity price fluctuates greatly and growers often operate in uncertainty, not knowing if the price they will receive will compensate them for the extra steps they took to produce high quality coffee. Our relationships are not based on the commodity market, but rather we pay a consistent price for high quality coffee that is well above the C Market and even the Fair Trade price floor.

Transparency and Right of First Refusal - Not only do we pay top dollar, but we offer our growing partners complete transparency in exchange for the right of first refusal on their top lots.

Proper drying and storage - To maintain quality, it is imperative that the coffee is properly dried and stored. We work with our growing partners to take every step possible to maintain quality, from climate-controlled warehousing to special packaging during transport.

We Roast to Order - All of our coffees are freshly roasted to order.

We Taste Every Batch - Every batch that comes out of our roaster is cupped to ensure quality before it goes out the door.

We Chase the Perfect Roast - Coffee is a seed that interacts with an ever-changing environment. We are constantly fine tuning our roasts to get the most we can out of every coffee.


Casa Brasil Coffees began as just “Casa Brasil,” a Brazilian Cultural Center in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Austin, Texas. Our goal was to help Brazilians living in Central Texas, promote Brazilian culture, and provide a place to “touch” Brazil.

To those ends we offered free translations to Brazilians for immigration, legal and medical matters; taught Portuguese language classes and Brazilian music lessons; hosted Brazilian cultural events such as film showings, Festa Juninhas and a weekly samba jam session; and hosted a small market that featured imported Brazilian goods.

Among the sundry of products in this market was, of course, Brazilian coffee. However, instead of high quality freshly roasted Brazilian coffee, the coffee initially offered was commercial Brazilian brand coffee.


And this bothered us because the coffee-lovers that we were, we wanted to offer something better. Like nearly all producing countries, Brazil exports its best coffee prior to it being roasted and roasts the bad stuff for its internal market. So we ventured to a local roaster to see if they could offer us some “high quality Brazilian coffee.”

Their response: “there is no such thing as high quality Brazilian coffee.” We figured we needed to check that out, and over the next three years, Casa Brasil founder Joel Shuler spent over 6 months on the ground in Brazil, learning about Brazilian coffee by interning at coops, visiting hundreds of farms, and learning the art of cupping coffee, eventually working his way up to judging various regional and national competitions.


Fast forward nearly a decade, and the answer has become clear. Not only are Casa Brasil coffees offered at some of the best restaurants and coffee houses in Central Texas, but quality Brazilian coffees have become sought after worldwide, fetching record prices at coffee competitions.

Our owner/founder, Joel Shuler is one of the few coffee experts worldwide to earn both the Q Grader certification and the Port of Santos Cupping and Classification license. He is a regular contributor to coffee industry trade publications.