Reverb Coffee Company

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Memphis, TN

Reverb Coffee Company is a strictly single origin coffee roaster. Roasting in small batches, they focus on delivering as much origin taste and characteristic possible by applying a unique roasting profile to each of their coffees.



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    Single Origin

    Lighter Roast
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    Single Origin

    Darker Roast

From The Roaster


We here at Reverb Coffee Company consider ourselves the "little guys". We started and run on a shoestring budget, so we understand our customers want bang for their buck. We take serious passion in squeezing as much quality out of our beans as possible.

We are constantly striving to put the best roast on all of our beans, and any new origin we get in goes through an extensive tasting and testing process before reaching the customers.


Reverb's founder, Jeremy Harris, got into coffee while doing overseas mission work. He was overseas for two years, and one of his last projects was to help start a café for a house of prayer in Malaysia. After that, he was hooked on the coffee and startup world. He knew their was a gap in the Memphis market for specialty coffee, so he decided to start a roasting company in Memphis.


A cool thing about Reverb is that we have one of the best espresso setups in our city, and it's on a truck. We have a three group pressure-profiling La Marzocco machine and an EKK43 grinder (if you don't know what that is, just know it's one of the best grinders on the market right now).

We roll around to events and food truck corrals all over the town. It is our favorite thing to give people some of the best coffee of their life from a truck and for an awesome price. If you're ever in Memphis, come find us!