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Chattanooga, TN

With a high standard for customer service, a passion for education, and a heart for the displaced, Mad Priest Coffee Roasters seeks to meet the growing demand for high-quality craft coffee while employing refugees resettled in and around Chattanooga, Tennessee.



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From The Roaster


Here at Mad Priest Coffee, we first and foremost care about creating an excellent product. We have a very high standard of what coffee we source—the highest quality beans bought through the best specialty coffee importers, grown at the most responsible farms. We also intentionally source many of our coffees from “developing” countries which may be present, or past, conflict zones.

These regions/countries are generally new to the specialty market, and by importers/roasters investing in these regions, we allow for an expanding market to continue growing (not to mention new and delicious coffees!).

Additionally, our roasting process is extensive and intentional to roast the bean specifically to what brings out the best flavor characteristics of that bean. We believe that coffee isn’t just about a hard little bean, it’s about the whole process. It’s about everything from the seed to the cup.


Mad Priest Coffee is the brainchild of Michael Rice. After getting into home roasting on a popcorn popper 7 years ago, things just naturally progressed with a passion to create the best coffee possible.

Before coming to join the coffee scene in Chattanooga two years ago as manager at The Camp House, he and his wife, Cherita, spent a few years living in India and working in the newly booming coffee industry there. During that time, their most regular customers were refugees from the Middle East. After some time opening cafes and helping the industry abroad, the idea of Mad Priest began to form with a desire to roast and create the best coffee, while using business as a means to find a solution to one of the world's largest growing issues: The Refugee Crisis.


At Mad Priest Coffee, we strive to implement social impact on all levels, both globally with our coffee, and locally with our goal of hiring refugees resettled here in Chattanooga. Locally, the idea to hire refugees is one of empowerment.

By giving them an opportunity to have a solid job with skills they can take elsewhere, learning English and customer service skills, they can progress to reshape their life to something great again. Globally, we intentionally source quality coffees that have a sustainable story, and empower those abroad.