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Brooklyn, NY

Think Coffee roasts in Brooklyn, New York on an energy efficient roaster built in California using up to 80% fewer fossil fuels than the typical drum roaster. They are a small roasting company that is locally owned and operated, with 11 cafes in NYC.



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    Single Origin

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    Lighter Roast

From The Roaster


We at Think Coffee want you to feel good about your coffee. We sell what we call "Social Project Coffee", meaning that we not only pay high prices for green coffee, but also develop specific projects at each origin we buy from in order to support farm workers in the ways they need the most.

We are aiming to be more clear about where your dollars are going, and how exactly coffee producers are benefitting from your purchase. We are trying to bring some humanity to this drink that is many times just thought of as a commodity.


We got started in 2006 near New York University by a fellow named Jason Scherr. He was an attorney in the 90's, and tried starting a creative cream cheese business, delivering before buttoning up his suit and tie, and doing all the office work after he finished his workday.

The business didn't work out so well, but through the process he gained a love for coffee. Think Coffee was formed with the idea that we should think about where our coffee comes from.


We help provide clean water for communities in Nicaragua, give materials for rebuilding houses in Colombia and Nicaragua, distribute feminine hygiene products to help raise graduation rates in Ethiopia, and help farmworkers in Mexico gain skills in reading, writing, and improved coffee processing methods. We also give back locally to NYC nonprofits helping people in need.