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Hygge Coffee Co.

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Missoula, MT

At Hygge Coffee Co. it all starts with the beans, which are deliberately chosen from the best sustainable coffee farms around the globe. The beans are then carefully roasted to enhance their unique flavors to provide the most delectable cup possible.



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    Single Origin

    Lighter Roast
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    Single Origin

    Darker Roast
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    Medium Roast

From The Roaster


Drinking Hygge coffee is one of life's undeniable pleasures in its simplest form. From the small family farm to the last sip, we believe Hygge Coffee should enhance the lives of all of those involved in the process. Every cup completes the compelling story of what true craft coffee is,and the lives it positively affects along the way.


At Hygge Coffee we are constantly on the search for distinctly unique coffees with positive community impact and memorable stories in their origin countries. After sourcing these coffees, through all means necessarily, we are able to communicate this information to those who will brew and enjoy our coffee. Lastly, we encourage people to enjoy life and drink great coffee wherever they find themselves.


Like many roasters, we started by tinkering around hoping to improve the quality of coffee we were drinking. Our first batches of coffee were roasted on a back deck using a camping stove, an old pan, and some green coffee samples from Sweet Maria's. From there, our fledgling business gained steam and we upgraded to a Diedrich HR-1 we managed to track down. We immediately found demand locally and upgraded to our SF-25 as fast as we could...full steam ahead!

Our name is pronounced Hue-gah. Difficult to say we know, but the Danish term is helping us communicate who we are as a company. We are strictly a retail and wholesale coffee roaster, but with that, we are able to offer our wholesale clients the opportunity to travel to origin countries as the opportunity presents itself.