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Lansing, MI

Bloom Coffee Roasters has a distinct way of bringing people and ideas together in the simplest and most intriguing way. It has been their mission since the day they opened to stir a desire in their community of coffee lovers (and beyond) to get to know the roaster who is responsible for crafting the coffee they enjoy.



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With Bloom Coffee Roasters, you can be confident you're drinking the highest quality coffee, specific to your taste, and that your input matters. We're always open to suggestions regarding how we can improve your experience. Knowing your roaster helps consumers get away from buying stale, corporate coffee that lacks a personal connection and freshness. It reminds us of the importance of engaging, of making an effort to build powerful connections, and being involved in our communities.


It was the summer of 2012 when I woke up on a Monday morning, the week after I graduated college with a journalism degree, to find that about 300 journalists had been laid off from the Chicago Tribune.

I remember calling my mother in a panic hoping someone could give me a solution or calm me down. She said, “why don’t you just go apply at the coffee shop? You need to have something to pay the bills. “Yeah, yeah, yeah. What terrible advice.” I thought. HA. It didn’t take long before I acted on that advice and applied at Water Street Coffee Joint in Kalamazoo. They hired me in at their roasting facility and two weeks into my coffee career, I was being taught to roast.

I began learning about bean types, roast curves, air-flow, monitoring bean temps., and how to make certain adjustments to develop specific flavor profiles. The science behind coffee roasting was so amazingly vast to me that I discovered it was just as much of an art as it was a science. I began learning about brewing coffee and the amazing ways one can brew coffee to extract the best flavors from the bean.

Even more vast than roasting and brewing, was the incredible expanse of origins in which coffee beans are cultivated and produced. Learning about the living conditions of coffee farmers and their backgrounds inspired me to work harder to treat their beans with respect. But to do that, I had to learn more. I’d work for 8.5 to 9 hours per day only to come home and research coffee. I was enthralled with every piece of information I was reading and before long, I realized I was nearing the end of my time at that particular roaster. I had too much information and not enough freedom to make an impact. I’d caught the coffee bug.


We use #KnowYourRoaster to create a community around our roasting business and our newly opened café. We want anyone and everyone to feel like they are a part of the Bloom Coffee Roasters community. More than anything, we hope to create a family. We welcome everyone to join us in learning about the coffee industry, coffee culture, and our story as a coffee roasting business and café.