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Indianapolis, IN

Tinker Coffee Co. is a specialty coffee roaster in Indianapolis, Indiana. We focus on sourcing and roasting single-origin specialty coffees, and also offer educational experiences to our customers in the form of cupping classes, brewing demos, and roasting education.



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At Tinker Coffee, we educate our customers on the critical aspects of manual coffee-brewing that have the biggest impact on quality and taste. In addition to educating our customers on brewing methods, we also host coffee cupping classes (formal coffee tastings) that help people better understand the different taste profiles of coffees grown all over the world. There’s nothing more exciting than seeing someone taste their first Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and comparing the taste profile to a coffee grown in the mountains of Guatemala or Panama. Once a person learns that all coffees don’t just “taste like coffee,” a new world of possibilities opens up and suddenly that morning cup can change from a boring routine to an experience.


Tinker Coffee Co. was founded in Indianapolis, Indiana by two brothers-in-law: Jeff Johnson and Stephen Hall. Both Steve and Jeff have had a passion for coffee for most of their adult lives, but this passion grew to new heights once they discovered the world of specialty coffee. Jeff was the first to experience what coffee could be when carefully crafted, roasted, and brewed, and soon began sharing his passion with family and friends.

After reading Michaele Weissman’s 2008 book God in a Cup, he was hooked and.knew he wanted to join the world of coffee. Jeff then shared the book with Steve, who had a similar reaction. Both guys were hooked on the world of specialty coffee, and the beginnings of Tinker Coffee Co. started to take shape.

In early 2014, Jeff and Steve officially formed Tinker Coffee Co. and found a building to house their operations in the historic Herron-Morton Place district of Indianapolis. They then purchased a 1991 Probat L-12 and began roasting specialty coffee. After months of learning, trial and error, and tinkering (pun very intentional), they began producing and selling coffee that met their high standards.


To the guys, being part of an industry that reaches out to nearly every corner of the globe and brings back a product that contributes to the advancement of developing nations and local economies is an incredible and unique opportunity. They love nothing more than sharing their passion for coffee with their customers, and hope you enjoy their roasts and much as they do.

We're both completely self-taught, and neither of us had any background in the coffee industry when we launched Tinker Coffee Co. As we learned the art of roasting coffee, we absorbed every single book, YouTube video, and blog post we could get our hands on until we had a product we were insanely proud to sell.