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Littleton, CO

Spur Coffee is a dedicated, passionate specialty coffee roaster and coffee company in Littleton, Colorado. At the heart of Spur Coffee is people, and they love the way coffee connects us: the growers, the shippers, the roasters, the makers and the drinkers.



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    Single Origin

    Lighter Roast
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    Lighter Roast

From The Roaster


We’re suckers for juicy, fruity natural Ethiopian coffees. Fresh is good and that’s why we roast weekly and ship the next day. We’re always searching for great coffees and primarily source quality coffee from Africa, and Central and South America. By roasting lighter we ensure to bring out the complex flavors unique to each varietal and region.

Our coffee is a reflection of us and our business. Whether you're enjoying a cup in one of our cafés or brewing our coffee at home, we want you to take a moment to pause and appreciate that this coffee has brought us together from around the world, and given us a reason to celebrate and savor — not just coffee, but also life.


Spur started as a design office with big windows and an espresso machine. Because the Venters are people who are passionate about serving others, adding to the beauty, and exploring curiosity, they bought a tiny La Marzocco GS3 to offer top-notch espresso drinks to their branding and design clients.

When random passersby saw the coffee equipment in that inviting space, they would often venture in to ask for a cup. Marcel would explain that he did not, in fact, run a coffee shop, but would send people on their way with good coffee in-hand nonetheless. This happened often enough that team Venter decided to take the leap into a long-time dream of owning a coffee shop and thus, in 2013, Spur Coffee was born - a space to come and know you belong.

In 2017 a beautiful Probat UG 15 was added and roasting was the next adventure to embark upon. Finding, sourcing and roasting fantastic coffee added another dimension to Spur to satisfy the curiosity and desire to roast our own coffee. We believe that great coffee should be approachable so we will never snub you for adding a splash of milk or a dash of our house-made vanilla syrup.