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Colorado Springs, CO

Established in 2008, Golden Pine Coffee Roasters is a craft coffee roasterie located just north of Colorado Springs, Colorado in the scenic area known as the Black Forest. Their roasting team has a combined 14 years of roasting experience and utilizes a vintage 1987 Diedrich IR-12 drum roaster to bring life and character to each coffee they source.



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From The Roaster


We have a profound sense of community at Golden Pine. Our roasterie is located in Black Forest, which in 2003 was hit with the worst forest fire in Colorado history (in dollars). The fire, which was just under a mile away from our store, burned 14,000 acres and unfortunately killed two people.

Our roasterie and attached cafe led the charge in restoring and rebuilding our community. From providing coffee and pastries to the recovery teams to becoming the community hub for all, we focused on bringing a sense of normalcy to an otherwise unworldly experience.

This same strong community element is echoed in our coffees we choose. We believe in creating relationships with our farmers, usually via our importers. We typically include ‘Know Your Joe’ data cards with your coffees explaining what is unique about the coffee we carry.


Our Roast Master, Ryan, has been in the food service business since his first job, and fell in love with coffee in the mid 1990's when he helped open a coffee shop in Greeley, Colorado. That shop used the Illy Espresso, and it just so happened that a rep from Italy was visiting the distributor when the shop received its initial order. The rep came up and gave the team formal Italian barista training. Ryan was hooked instantly.

Back in the 90s if you didn't roast there was nothing setting you apart from the rest of the coffee shops, so Ryan set out learning the art of roasting. In 2008 he was able to open his own roasterie and cafe, expanded it in 2013, and upgraded the roaster in 2016. It's been a ride all the way through, and we wouldn't change anything about it!