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South San Francisco, CA

Ikon Roastery is a great addition to the culture of San Francisco's coffee scene by providing seed-to-cup education and exceptional products for their single-bag and wholesale customers alike. With a focus on educating their customers and ensuring they have the perfect cup of coffee just the way they like - it’s their passion.



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    Single Origin

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    Medium Roast

From The Roaster


When it comes to roasting, sweetness is the goal. Our roaster places emphasis on his roasting profile to highlight the sweetness of a coffee bean. The highlight of this tasting note translates to a great pairing with milk as well as a standalone shot of espresso.

Ikon Roastery Beginnings

Educating our customers is a passion, helping customers find the tasting notes in the coffee we roast is something we take pride in. Our passion is shown with every conversation about coffee! We want to ensure that when you walk away with an Ikon coffee, it’s exactly what you wanted to taste. We roast for sweetness; this is one of our differentiating qualities (value proposition). As a roaster, we are one of very few companies specifically roasting for sweetness, within the San Francisco coffee culture.


Upon tasting his first transcendental cup of coffee in 2011, our roaster Marcel, took one sip that would change his life forever. This particular brew immediately quieted his inner monologue and lifted the fog of his focus. In that moment, he was hooked - not just on coffee - but on the idea that coffee could be this good. Also in that moment, his life took a course correction, sending him on a personal quest to understand the science and art of crafting exceptional coffee. The Ikon team translates this concept in every conversation and in every cup.


San Francisco has a strong coffee culture, and though tasting profiles vary, we have found few roasters who highlight the sweetness of a coffee bean. Tasting profiles found in San Francisco can be focused on the brightness of a coffee or on savory or fruity, and sometimes culture is more important than the coffee itself. Roasting for sweetness is an area we feel is underdeveloped and underrepresented, we have accepted this challenge head-on.