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Costa Mesa, CA

Portola Coffee Lab was awarded the 2015 Micro Roaster of the Year by Roast Magazine, an international award that is the most prestigious in the industry for a coffee roasting company.



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    Single Origin

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    Medium Roast

From The Roaster


We are meticulous about every step of the roasting process. Some would say obsessive, and we wouldn't necessarily disagree. It is all about flavor, and our roasting process is designed to do nothing more than present the best flavors each bean has to offer.

Portola understands the importance of the raw ingredient, the coffee bean itself, and great distances are travelled every year to find these beans in places most people have never heard of. We go back every year to strengthen the relationship with the farmers who produce our coffees, which are some of the most uniquely tasting beans on earth. We then roast them with precision to ensure what we present to our customers is the best representation of that farmer's hard work.


Our owner and roastmaster, Jeff Duggan, started his journey in coffee as a home roaster - learning the mysteries of the coffee bean and what it takes to coax out those elusive flavors. As a trained chemist, his approach to coffee was very scientific and leaving things to chance was not an acceptable approach. After 10 years of doing it for fun, he decided it was time to share his craft with others and Portola was born.