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Northridge, CA

Forge Coffee is a micro-roaster concentrating on sustainable single origin coffees impeccably sourced and manually roasted in small batches. They find interesting and unique lots of coffee from quality focused smaller farms and co-ops.



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From The Roaster


Forge is a hyper-local small business. We want to impact the community directly around us and know our customers.

We pop up at farmers markets every weekend in our city and get to talk with our customers face-to-face. Getting to know our customers on a one-on-one basis is amazing because we become a part of their lives, and the feedback we get in return on our product and service is truthful and sincere.


As far as our coffee, we bear a responsibility there too. We only purchase our coffee from importers that support sustainability in the supply chain, so the farmers and their crop quality get stronger. We are always looking for those special exceptions like majority female-owned and managed co-ops, or mills that re-invest in the communities around them with infrastructure and education to make life better.

When people say they like to shop local, we want it to be for their coffee too. We believe a ritual such as getting your morning coffee can create community, and even more so when your shop is part of that community and investing back into it.


The question that sparked my interest in roasting specialty coffee was, “Where does coffee come from before it gets to me?” I didn't even know what kind of plant it came from, I had no idea that it was actually a seed, I had a rough idea where it was grown, but I know I liked it... a lot.

A curious person, and an unabashed foodie, I started down the rabbit hole. I learned regions, started drinking it black, learned that there was amazing coffee out there with infinite variety and flavor complexity. I discovered a home-roasting website online, and ordered the green sampler pack and the smallest consumer level roaster they had.

I became a weekend home-roaster hobbyist, enjoying the technical and creative challenge of roasting my own coffee. Forge didn't even have its name at this point, but I enjoyed sharing my coffee and what I learned with others. I learned a lot and burned a lot — all part of the process! Over the years, I roasted small batches for friends and family. Those weekend roasting sessions became longer and more serious, equipment was upgraded, the obsession grew, and so did requests for coffee.

In 2011, I was craving a lifestyle change from spending really long work days in front of a computer, and I wanted to spend more time with my children. Coffee seemed to be a path that might fit. We founded Forge and tested our idea. We are still at the beginning of our path, and four years on, we have grown, learned, and most importantly, become a part of a community.