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Tuscon, AZ

A boutique roaster located in Tucson, AZ - Presta Coffee Roasters proudly roasts a variety of single origin coffees that they really love. Currently operating two cafes with a third on the way, Presta Coffee Roasters is establishing themselves as the premier craft roaster and coffee destination in Tucson.



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From The Roaster


Our history is rooted in bike racing culture, and the immense community that it brings to our families and friends. Presta is a common ground for those communities to gather and to grow while enjoying some hot bean in the morning. We travel to origin to source, and have personal connections with all of our farmers, and importers.


Owner, Curtis raced professional in the cycling world for 18 years. Coffee was always an important part of the lasting relationships he made during that time period, and he wanted to continue that in Tucson, where he now calls home. His wife, Stella, was working at a hospital at the time, and she wanted good coffee at work.

Thus Stella Java was born as a coffee cart in the hospital lobby. We quickly outgrew the space, and moved to a brick and mortar, which eventually became Presta Coffee Roasters in 2014 once we took the step to roast our own. Being able to roast in house took away all the rules and allowed us to carry whichever coffees made us wow, and manipulate them further to make them even more special.


We have a bitchin' old Volkswagon bus that is branded. It is outfitted with a great sound system and we drive it around town for events. We have a Linea Mini in back, and can start slaying espresso wherever we park. It's a blast and allows us to do events with minimal stress, and maximum menu. As a collective team we sometimes go out dancing.

When our "coffee babies" graduate to the espresso bar and start serving on their own we gift them a congratulatory coffee mug catered to something fun that we discovered about them. I've seen tears come out when they receive these. It's beautiful.