Who We Are and What We Do

Stay Roasted is a website dedicated to providing readers with honest and unbiased reviews on various coffee products. They are written by coffee aficionados who want to share their experiences of tasting, brewing, cooking, pairing and buying the best coffees available today. Our aim is not only to help people choose between different beans but also to find great equipment, recipes and tips to brew the perfect cup of java at home.

Why trust our reviews?

Our focus is to help individuals discover the best coffees, beans and related products. We put in a lot of research before pronouncing our verdict on any product so that the reader can rely on it for an informed decision. Rather than accepting free samples and promoting products for financial incentive, we support and promote them if they truly deserve it. Furthermore, we do not shy away from publishing negative reviews when necessary so that our readers can be well aware of the products’ pros and cons before buying.

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Stay Roasted has been created by a team of people who love coffee and enjoy experimenting with it. To make the best possible website, we have partnered with different companies to offer our readers with valuable content about their products.

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If you want to share your experience of tasting, brewing, cooking or buying any product related to coffee then feel free to contact us. We will be delighted to hear from you and will publish your piece on Stay Roasted with full credit for it.