5 Fast Fixes for Tastier Coffee at Home


I know your type…

You’re just like me. You want to brew amazing coffee for yourself – but you don’t have time to mess around in the morning.

You’re busy!

BUT when it comes to coffee, you don’t want to make compromises, after all…

  It has to power you through all of the day’s craziness

  That first sip might be the best thing until tomorrow morning’s sip

•  Those “flavor crystal” years from college are long gone (oh the stories…)

Alas, I won’t waste any more time with this introduction. I’ll get straight to the point — I know you’re in a hurry. 🙂

These 5 fixes will elevate your morning cup without slowing you down…


#1  Don’t Buy Pre-ground Coffee

If this was the only thing you fixed, you’d be well on your way to better coffee.

Yes, it’s that important.

Here’s why…

Once you grind it, coffee goes stale in… wait for it… 15 MINUTES!

Without getting into a bunch of science, just know that coffee + air = flavor loss.

It’s a sad story indeed, but it gets worse…

AFTER you grind your beans, this staling process happens 100x faster because of all of the new surface area you just created.

THE FIX:  Get yourself some whole coffee beans …duh!

Seriously… Even if your ground coffee is vacuum sealed, the air goes right back in after you open the bag.

bag of coffee beans - stay roasted

Boom. You got it. Let’s move on…


#2  Grind Immediately Before You Brew

OK. You got your beans and are itching to grind them all up.

Wait! Let’s not forget what we just covered in #1!

If 15 minutes is the post-grind freshness window, make sure you’re getting to the brewing step as quickly as possible after you grind.

THE FIX:  Get everything ready to brew (your water, filter, etc.) – measure out just enough whole beans for your brew and grind.

No grinder? Don’t stress…

You can find a simple blade grinder at the grocery store or on Amazon (they’re less than $12). If you decide to upgrade to a nicer grinder later such as a burr grinder, you can use the cheap one to grind spices for cooking.

Now, let’s talk about what actually goes into the grinder…


#3  Always Start With FRESH Coffee Beans

Remember we said it takes 15 minutes for ground coffee to begin going stale? Well we hate to break it to you, but fresh roasted whole beans begin to stale at around 15 DAYS! 

That’s not a long time… barely longer than milk.


1.  Buy only as much whole bean coffee as you can consume in a 2 week period to avoid leftovers going stale.


2.  Get beans that are no older than two or three days out of the roaster. Check the roast date if there is one.


3.  Get your beans from a local, independent small batch roasters. They take way better care in sourcing and roasting the coffee beans – this optimizes the flavor potential of the coffee.

And for the love of coffee, don’t freeze your beans!

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#4  Stop Using Tap Water to Brew

If you’ve ever made coffee in Florida, then my guess is you’ve already fixed this one…

Fresh, craft-roasted coffee beans are quite magical, but bad water they can not overcome.

THE FIX:  Fill up your coffee maker or brew kettle with bottled water or filtered water from your fridge.

You can do this the night before or keep a jug of filtered or spring water where you brew.

Bet you didn’t think of this last one…

#5  Give Your Paper Coffee Filters A Rinse

There’s nothing wrong with coffee filters, other than – well they’re paper.

Paper has loose fibers and dust as a byproduct of the manufacturing process. As a result, the accumulated debris can get into your brew and can leave a papery taste.

You don’t want that messing with those super fresh beans you just got!

THE FIX:  Rinse your filter with a little hot water before you brew.

For most manual style brewing techniques this is a typical, built-in first step.

BONUS HACK:  Have a coffee maker with a timer?

1. The night before, fill your machine about ⅓ of the way with water (tap is OK for this part).


2. Add your filter BUT leave out the coffee.


3. Set the timer for a few minutes before you want to brew (like the time you get up).

You’ll be all set with a rinsed filter and a nice heated-up machine to give you a more consistent brew.

Now go put these coffee fixes to work for you and let us know what you think!

(NOTE: Want our full collection of time-saving tips and video brewing guides? Click Here and get them all sent to you for free.)

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